In 1962, John Waters Inc. began in a Louisville, Ky. garage as an electric services company. Yes, there really was a John Waters!

The company became known as a reliable provider of quality electrical services and quickly outgrew the garage. Over the years, the company hit several milestones:

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  • 1962 John Waters starts electrical services company in a garage
  • 1970 Company expands into a larger facility
  • 1979 Company fleet expands to numerous teams of electricians, requiring a fleet of six vehicles
  • 1985 Tim Dawson and Pauline Johnson purchase the company and expand services
  • 1992 Company expansion means another move! Service emphasis is on Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services
  • 2000 John Waters Inc. builds a new facility at 2315 Watterson Trail, where it is now located

Today, John Waters Inc. is Louisville’s and Southern Indiana’s leading electrical, heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality services company. Founded on hard work, dedication and a commitment to service, we have earned our customers’ trust since 1962. We are fully insured, licensed contractor that specializes in residential HVAC repair and replacement — and all of your electrical needs. Our goal at John Waters is to keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and safe all year long. John Waters Inc. employs a well-trained, highly technical staff that has years of experience servicing and installing all types of systems. Also, our dedicated team of professional electricians is always available to serve you and all of your electrical needs.

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We’ve had some notable installations through the years, including some pictured below.