Indoor Air Quality

Improve The Air Quality Of Your Home With Our Preferred Products

Allergies. Mold. Dust. Asthma. All of these relate to the indoor air quality of your home. While a good filter system and clean filter can control and trap many particles flying around your home, you may want to consider a multi-layer system. It is no secret that the EPA estimates that often times, the indoor air quality is far worse than outdoor air quality. Learn more here.

Clean Air By The Use Of Ultra Violet Light System

Also known as “blue light” systems, this system installs in the ductwork of the central air system and scrub the air as it passes by. It kills molds, viruses, bacteria and more as the air works through the duct system of your home. We at John Waters recommend the award-winning APCO system, which combines UV light and activated carbon to reduce germs and odors without producing harmful ozone. The APCO system is also effective in reducing odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde and toluene vapor. APCO is so confident in the quality of their design and manufacturing that this product comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts except the UV lamp (which needs to be replaced every one or two years depending on model).

Regular Duct Cleaning Maintenance

While John Waters does not provide duct-cleaning services, the most reliable carpet cleaning professionals can clean your duct system. You may want to consider this if:

  • You live in an older home
  • Renovations, which cause disruption and large amounts of dust, have been done. (dry wall, cabinets, flooring or other jobs that cause large amounts of dust)
  • You have a number of pets

Read about Airducts here

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