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Outdoor Living – Electrical Tips For Your Deck Or Patio Area

Over the past several years, outdoor rooms have grown in popularity as homeowners have turned their decks, patios and outside spaces into an extension of their homes. Outdoor dining, living, and entertainment spaces range from simple patios designed to hold a grill and a single table to elaborate outdoor kitchens, wet bars, gazebos and pergolas. Each of these spaces comes with its own unique electrical needs. Here are some tips to make your outdoor spaces safe and comfortable for the whole family.

Make sure outlets and breakers are properly installed, wired and GFCI protected. In the greater Metro Louisville and Southern Indiana area, where we experience extreme weather in every season, it’s important to use materials rated for any number of weather conditions. Outdoor spaces have different electrical needs depending on exposure to rain and extreme weather. It’s best to hire a professional electrician to complete this project.

Use appliances and fixtures that are appropriate for the space. Depending on the weatherability of your outdoor space, you may need an all-weather ceiling fan or weatherproof grill. For example, string lights should be rated for outdoor use to ensure durability and safety. Discard any lights or appliances with frayed cords or other obvious damage. Tip: be certain not overload circuit capacity.