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Is Your HVAC Winter Ready?

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It won’t be long before winter is here. However, you still have time to prepare your heating system for the upcoming chilly winter days and nights. You can count on the impending snowstorms and frigid temperatures to make your HVAC system work hard throughout the winter. But taking proactive actions can decrease your chances of finding yourself shivering when your system fails to keep up.

To help you prepare your HVAC system for the chilly season, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make sure your unit is ready for winter. You can thank us later.

Set Up a Maintenance Appointment Every Fall and Spring

Fall and spring are the best times to perform HVAC maintenance because you typically use your HVAC system less during these periods. During these seasons, schedule a bi-annual maintenance check by a reputable HVAC company like John Waters to keep your AC and furnace running at peak condition during high usage times in summer and winter.

Fire Up Your Furnace At Least Three Times Before the Winter Season

Like a car that sits idle for lengthy periods, your HVAC system can get bogged down from lack of use. You can test your system by setting the thermostat to your preferred winter temperature. Then, allow your home to reach that temperature before shutting your system off. It may be better to run your furnace at least once before your scheduled maintenance check. As a result, you can alert your HVAC service person of any unusual odors, noises, leaks, or other signs of trouble you discover.

Change the Filters and Vents

Since dirty filters frequently cause HVAC breakdowns, one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent winter heating problems is to check your HVAC air filters and vents monthly. You can locate them with the help of your owner’s manual. If you discover a dirty filter, replace it as soon as possible because it can put a strain on your entire heating and air system.

Winterize Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Winterizing your outdoor HVAC before winter arrives is a wise precautionary step. When operating at a higher demand, a dirty and cluttered outdoor AC unit is more likely to break down. You can decrease the chances of trouble from this equipment by choosing a dry day to remove all twigs, leaves, and other debris in and around the outdoor unit. Then, after you’ve cleared the debris from the area, use a hose to remove any remaining dirt, dust, and grime.

The Benefits of HVAC Preventive Care and Maintenance

By taking these pre-winter measures, your HVAC system should be ready to withstand even the harshest winter days. It helps to have the support of a fully insured and licensed HVAC company like John Waters Inc on your side, specializing in HVAC repair and replacement in the Louisville and Southern Indiana areas.